Sunday, June 15, 2014

Answer Me This June 15

Welcome to this week's installment of 

Answer Me This from!

1. What’s something you intended to do today, but didn't?
Sleep? Fidget has been waking up so early lately! I could try to shift him later, but figured it would be better to shift myself earlier to meet him, in preparation for starting ABA therapy soon.

In all seriousness though, I had planned to catch up on folding laundry & putting it away, but at the last minute found out Papa Bear would be getting off work earlier than I expected, so I spent the morning putting together plans for his afternoon.

2. What's your favorite grilling recipe?

Whatever Papa Bear grills! He is by far the grill master in our house; it would be hard for me to lift the lid all the way from my seated position. One of my favorite meals in the summer is for him to grill some bratwurst and corn on the cob, and I make up a big pasta salad.

3. What movie did you see most recently? 
We watched Meet the Robinsons on tv last night, which in my opinion is one of the most underrated modern Disney films. I would love to see WDW redo the Astro Orbiter ride to be like Cornelius' time machines! 
I actually can't remember when I last went to the theater. Maybe last fall when we went all my family to see Wizard of Oz for my dad's birthday? I am really not sure.

4. Would you say your tendency is to over or under react to medical situations?
Under-react. Partly because Sunshine, God bless her, is a bit of a drama queen. Partly because with our collective medical knowledge, Papa Bear and I are usually pretty good at judging the seriousness of a situation.

5. Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube or roll it?
I'm a squeezer. But lemme tell ya, I make sure I get every smidge of toothpaste out of there! Because one of my meds causes severe dry mouth, I have a number of cavities along my root line. I'm now 
using special toothpaste I get from my dentist, which is crazy expensive. I try to tell myself though that if it helps it will be much cheaper than all the dental work!

6. What are you doing for Father's Day?
It has been a very bittersweet day for me this year, as it's my first Father's Day without my own father, and Papa Bear had to work today. But thankfully he went in early to be off early, so I found out at about 9:30 this morning he wanted me to plan the afternoon for him. After weighing my options, I sent him to the movies with Sunshine (she's been begging for some Daddy/Daughter time, plus Fidget needs his daily nap) while I'm cooking dinner. We slacked for a couple days on reducing Fidget's dairy intake, and we're able to see how big a difference the casein really makes, so now we are buckling down and trying to adjust. I'm taking a couple different recipes and adapting them into one, then adjusting for dairy free preparation, so hopefully I can post later that it was a success! If it turns out to be a flop, at least I know dessert should be a hit. More about that later!


  1. I don't remember Meet the Robinsons. I will have to check it out.

  2. Such a cute movie! It's based on the book "A Day with Wilbur Robinson" by William Joyce. And the future depicted in the movie has that very 50's retro-future feel to it, which is why I've always had the thought that a Robinsons based ride would fit perfectly into Tomorrowland.