About Autism

Fidget falls into the range of moderately functioning autistic children; neither the most high functioning nor the most severe. His greatest struggles are with receptive and expressive language, consistently interacting with peers in normal ways, repetitive behaviors and fixated interests, self-injurious behaviors and withdrawing when overstimulated, and intense sensory seeking behavior. He tries very hard to fit in to social expectations, so many don't realize he is autistic, but it takes him so much energy and concentration that he typically will have greater numbers of meltdowns once in the safety and security of home. Although he seeks out strong sensory input in terms of taste, sight, touch, and sound, he gets overwhelmed by spatial input and prefers and seeks out confined, more secure areas to play in.

In addition to his autism he meets all of the criteria for Sensory Processing Disorder. However since the protocol for diagnosing autism was adjusted with the DSM-5 in 2013, this is now considered part of his spectrum behaviors rather than a co-morbidity. For more on the changes to the way autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed, visit:


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