Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whirlwind Wednesday: Sept 17

Today was just...odd. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened, but our plans were constantly changing, and when I'm juggling so many balls at once I really prefer to stick with the game plan. Deep down I'm a much more relaxed, go with the flow type of person; but at this point a plan of attack is a matter of self-preservation. Changes to Papa Bear's work schedule mid-day, which resulted in having to find transportation home for Sunshine after CCD and Children's Choir at church; Sunshine being less than cooperative with school work in the morning (but thankfully straightening up and working really well all afternoon); and Fidget being offered ABA hours this evening to make up from a missed session on Monday -- it seems like I was constantly getting thrown curve balls and having to adjust. But we made it through to bedtime with no major issues, so I guess that's really all that matters.

Poor Fidget was so confused tonight; usually he had OT on Wednesday evenings, but we recently terminated services with our therapist. I liked her fine on a personal level, but for a variety of reasons it just wasn't a good therapy fit. We've already been accepted by a new therapist, just waiting on paperwork to process. But since he is blissfully unaware of these things, he kept asking me if, "J come?" I tried to explain that she isn't coming any more, but he was stuck on that line of questioning. Then when his ABA therapist showed up, he was really confused as she's normally only here in the morning!

ABA is continuing to go well; Tuesday we had his bi-weekly clinic meeting with his case worker & therapists going over what goals he's mastered in the last two weeks, and what we need to work on next. And Papa Bear had his parent training session this week also, which I am very grateful for. It's one thing for them to teach him things, but another thing for them to help us reach him, be consistent with teaching compliance, etc; but with most of the ABA during normal working hours Papa Bear doesn't get much opportunity to observe and ask questions. Speech is going well also; to look at his monthly report from when he started in March, to his most recent one from August, is really staggering in the volume of words and quality of his communication. 

And despite this morning's attitude hiccup, Sunshine is continuing to settle into a groove with her homeschool work. We've still been sticking with mostly the 4 R's - with only occasional science, history, geography - but I anticipate us diving into those next week. She and Papa Bear took a trip to the library last week, so I'm stocked up with books for those subjects again. And now that she's adjusting to the increase in difficulty from 1st to 2nd grade, Sunshine is getting quicker with finishing her core schoolwork. It also helps that she is eager to start those subjects since they are more fun, but knows she has to get through her core work each day before we can move on to the fun stuff. And we've had a number of discussions about the fact that Not Everything In Life Is Fun! But lucky for her, when you're only in second grade there is still a LOT of fun to be had. :-)


  1. I'm wondering, is Fidget able to tell the day of the week? How does he know it is the therapy evening?

    1. Good question! Wednesdays are the only weekday we don't routinely have morning ABA therapy, so maybe he associates his old OT coming with the day there was no one else in the morning. And while we have the same ABA therapist on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, on Thursdays we have a different therapist for morning ABA, so that may be a sign to him that his speech therapist is coming that evening.

      But then again I'm not sure. Even on the weekends, as I get him dressed he will go through his mental list of people and asking if they will come. Who knows.