Thursday, May 15, 2014

What a Wild Week!

Am I still at the zoo? Things in our house have been so crazy this week, sometimes I'm not sure. I'll have to get back to my post on the Blessed Mother's impact on my motherhood later. After all, the whole month of May is dedicated to honoring her, so I have time, right?

Things around here have really been crazy since before Mother's Day. Last Friday I took Fidget in to his pediatrician for a pre-op checkup. He never had problems with his ears until around 18 months, but had several back to back in the fall, and a hearing test as part of his Early Intervention intake revealed some hearing deficits. I took him to my ENT since Dr. B also sees kids, and he diagnosed him with "glue ear" and recommended ear tubes and adenoid removal. Anyway, I had thought it would be a quick in and out visit, home by lunchtime, but first she said we'd have to go somewhere else for the bloodwork since they don't do one of the necessary tests in office. Then as we were still talking, I had a crown fall off a back molar! So after we got done with the pediatrician we picked up lunch, stopped to get the bloodwork done, then just drove around killing time (trying to get Fidget to nap) until it was time for my emergency dentist appt. My mom dropped me off, then took the kids back home to Papa Bear while I was in the dentist. Dr. W got my crown cemented back on for now, but eventually it will need a post and new crown. By the time Papa Bear & the kids came to pick me up, there was a torrential prolonged rain. Traffic was a nightmare, and there was localized street flooding in some areas.  We decided the weather was too bad to go out to eat, so we just fought our way home and picked up some chicken along the way. We were almost home - in the neighborhood - but came upon someone who had run off our flooded streets into a ditch. The efforts to remove him from the ditch took a good 45 minutes, so by the time we were finally back home my "quick trip" to the pediatrician had turned into a ten hour day!

Saturday morning wasn't too bad, we spent the morning working on some chores and preparing Mother's Day gifts. We made these melted pony bead sun catchers I found on Pinterest for each of the grandmothers; they came out so cute!
We spent Saturday afternoon at my MIL's house, and Sunday had our annual visit to the zoo. We've gone every year on Mother's Day since Sunshine was a year old; this year my mom joined us as well.

Monday certainly lived up to its reputation. We started the day with two episodes of fecal smearing, the second of which came just minutes before the arrival of Fidget's early intervention case worker. She came by for me to fill out paperwork for adding OT to his services and choose an OT provider. As soon as she left I had to quickly feed the kids lunch, because Fidget's speech therapist was coming that day because of a schedule conflict on our normal day. While he was doing therapy I quickly ate lunch myself and got changed; as he was finishing up his Godmother (my cousin's daughter) arrived to babysit during his naptime, so that I could go with Sunshine to her Showoff Week for her homeschool gymnastics class. They learned routines for beam, bars, and floor, and after performing their coach scored them. Sunshine got a 9.1 on beam, 8.8 on bars, and 8.9 on floor. Because of the age spread in her class (6-13) the coach broke them down into age groups for ranking; Sunshine is the only 6/7yo, so she got 1st place in every event. :) 

Tuesday and Wednesday weren't busy with errands, but over the course of Sunday and Monday both kids had come down with colds, so there was a lot of dispensing of meds and trying to calm cranky children. Sunshine ran some low grade fever, but thankfully Fidget never did. I was also doing my best to get caught up on housework and encourage Sunshine to do at least a little bit of her schoolwork.

This morning Papa Bear and I were up early, to take Fidget in for his ear tube surgery. My mom came over before we left to stay at the house with Sunshine since she'd been sick. Papa Bear's mom & stepdad joined us at the surgery center. I'm so glad we were able to get the procedure scheduled quickly; despite being on antibiotics Dr B said his ears were BAD. He got lots of fluid out of each one when putting in the tubes, and also cauterized the adenoids. Fidget has had some trouble coming out of the anesthesia fog, and been very agitated. He was napping as I began this post, but is now resting with Papa Bear.

I'll be interested to see how his hearing results are when we repeat them in two weeks. For now, though, I'm headed off to fix lunch and love on my babies.

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