Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Flexibility

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the flexibility it affords us. It's so freeing to not be tied down to a schedule made by the folks at the school board, and take half days or entire days off whenever we need or want to do so. Sometimes it's for illness, sometimes it's to celebrate holidays, sometimes we're taking advantage of Papa Bear's work schedule, sometimes just for a nice day. This is very much the latter.

Sunshine is pretty much over her cold, just a little cough to still work out, and has a whole week's worth of energy built up. Fidget is back to normal after his post-op crankiness yesterday. And me? I've been juggling so many balls lately that sometimes I need to just set them down for awhile, and let someone else run the circus for a day or so. The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days; not only clear but unseasonably cool for our area: we actually set a record low of 50 yesterday morning! The windows have been open day and night, and I just can't make myself ask Sunshine to do schoolwork. We certainly have plenty of it to do: our school year isn't done yet, and with her sick and his ear tube surgery yesterday not much has gotten done this week; but this weather is too perfect to not let her enjoy it. Right now I'm sitting here in my office, watching Sunshine swing with the sound of laughter streaming in on the breeze through the open window while Fidget naps in their room on the other side of the wall. He spent most of the morning happily playing with is Thomas trains, he'll probably get out in the yard with his sister when he wakes up.

We have all summer to get these last 40 or so days of school done. On many of those days, it will be so unbearably hot that she can't spend much time outside anyway. I'd rather have her doing school work then, than miss taking advantage of this lovely day.

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