Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Homeschool 2014-1015: A Day in the Life of A Mom on Wheels

I've been wanting to chronicle a typical day in our house since my curriculum post, but I'm honestly not sure that we've had a typical day in that time span! Papa Bear had some weekdays off last week, a re-emergence of Fidget's fecal smearing, and some other non-standard stuff. Thankfully this week we seem to be just dealing with the normal levels of chaos and frenetic energy.

Tuesday, 6:30a Hubs leaving for work, says both kids are wide awake in their bedroom. I fall back asleep.

7:45a Sunshine has gotten her brother out of bed. They come to wake me up, then she fixes both of them cereal. Fidget, despite having asked for the cereal, dumps his all over the table then tosses the bowl on the floor. Yay, I love messes when I'm half asleep.

8:00a Sunshine has finished her cereal, the kids go in Fidget's World to play with cars while my brain wakes up. Finally get my version of coffee, a can of Dr. Pepper.

8:30a Realize that therapists will be here in half an hour, I take my meds and go get dressed. Sunshine eats more breakfast (yogurt and an orange). I then try to coerce Sunshine to get dressed herself. She wants to stay in her PJs, and isn't pleased with what I set out for her last night, so she reluctantly traipses off to find a different outfit. I'm way behind on putting away clean laundry, but getting caught up is not an option for today.

9:00a Therapists arrive as I am changing Fidget for the day. I try to quickly sweep the living room; Fidget swipes GF "Oreos" from the pantry. I finally get him to sit on the couch and eat a banana while watching Mater's Tall Tales on my iPad. Therapist P has a trainee today, so it takes them a little bit to get ready. Sunshine takes out the recycling and brings the can to the road, and fills up her water bottle before retreating to the office/school room. At some point Fidget talks me into a second banana.

9:30a I finally make it into the office, leaving Fidget and a bag of grapes in the capable hands of his therapists. Sunshine is coloring a picture of Our Lady of the Rosary which I printed out last night.

10:00a Sunshine finishes coloring. Claims she needs a snack already. No dice kid, you haven't done any school work yet. At least get through your morning journal, then I'll get us a snack. Fuss fuss fuss, whine whine, then finally she complies.

10:25a Halfway through journal, we have a prolonged potty break.

10:40a Finally getting back to journal. (She can do her whole journal in about 20 minutes; this is just typical almost-7yo dawdling and stall tactics.)
10:42a Sunshine is muttering under her breath that Fidget and the therapists are outside.

10:50a Journal done, we have pretzel thins and cheddar cheese for a snack. Typically I give Sunshine time to go ride her bike about now, but we've been dealing with some major sassy mouth and task avoidance issues lately, so no bike today. I point out that this is a natural consequence of making a 15 minute journal assignment take nearly an hour.

11:00a Get Sunshine going on English.
11:05a Sunshine is whining that this is boorrrrringgggg, I haaaaate schoooool, etc etc.
11:08a Sunshine gets back to work.
11:11a English done...amazing how quickly things done when you focus! Try to capitalize on the momentum, offer to let her do the workbook portion of English after lunch, and keep moving forward.

12:30p we've made it through spelling, a map skills worksheet, and half each of science and math.  LUNCH TIME!

1:40p Kids have eaten lunch, therapists are gone for the day. Fidget has been changed, read a story to, and put down for a nap; Sunshine has about 20 minutes of free time. She opts to get the iPad and go read on her Epic app in my bed. I throw in a load of laundry, check the dinner menu (thankfully just leftovers), catch up on this blog post.

2:10p Twenty minutes turned into thirty, but we're finally getting back to work.

3:15p Papa Bear is home. Reading and religion are done, still need to finish science, math, and the aforementioned English workbook.

4:00p We finish the day's school work just as the public school bus is passing by. Time to start getting ready to leave for Sunshine's scout meeting. Never did get to that English workbook; it will have to wait until tomorrow.

4:15p Papa Bear wakes Fidget to get him ready to go. A litany of "where is..." are sent my way. Smock, tote bag with her Daisy books, the movable pieces that go on the kaper chart I made for her troop, shoes, wipes, sippy cup, etc. One of the most exhausting parts of a SAHM's job is having to know where everything is!

4:30p Leave for meeting. Meeting runs from approximately 5-6:30. They review one of the petals for the sake of our new girls, and finally start their new journey book. Try to keep Fidget from being loud and disruptive in the meeting room, keep him away from the craft project that one of the older siblings is working on out in the hallway. Realize while the girls are eating their snack that I never ate lunch. Or breakfast, actually. Just that snack Sunshine and I had mid-morning. Monthly awards at the end of the meeting - their safety pin, last month's patch of the month, and a couple fun patches from last weekend's trip to camp. After the meeting, talk to her leaders about the investiture ceremony I've been working on plans for.

7:00p After stopping at the store for a couple things, we arrive back home. The remains of the pot of chili are quickly turned into a quick dinner of frito pie.

7:45p Send Sunshine to get ready for bed; Papa Bear and I tag team Fidget to get him changed, teeth brushed, and into jammies. Should probably offer the potty first, but we're all running out of steam, and we're still in the early, low key phase of just getting him used to the potty, so we skip it tonight. At some point when we hit heavy duty potty training we won't have that luxury.

8:00p Read stories to Fidget
8:15p Read stories to Sunshine
8:30p Kids' lights out (though Sunshine will probably read to herself with her little LED lantern). Take my meds, get myself ready for bed.

9:00p Crawl into bed to watch Chicago Fire with Papa Bear.

10:30p Lights out for Papa Bear. I'll pull out my iPad and check FB, play a few games, read until I'm drowsy enough to fall asleep. Set an alarm with intentions of getting up to see the lunar eclipse, but forget to un-mute the iPad from the Daisy meeting, so no eclipse for me.

11:30p Put the iPad away, say my prayers. Good night world until tomorrow!

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